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Oxygen meter DO-5510

Oxygen meter DO-5510


DO-5510 oxygen analyzer for measurement of the oxygen level in liquids (DO) or in the air (O2). The polarographic type oxygen probe with an incorpo- rated Temp. sensor, high precision measurement for Dissolved Oxygen(DO), Oxygen in air(O2) & Temp. measurement. Automatic Temp. compensation from 0 to 50°C for sensor probe. Build in " % SALT " & " Mountain Height " compensation adjustment button.


  • Measurement range:
    in liquids: 0...20 mg/l
    in air: 0–100 % (±0.7 %)
  • Resolution: 0,1 mg/l
  • Dimensions: 72×180×32 mm


  • Records Maximum, Minimum and Average readings with RECALL, data hold.

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