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Reverse osmosis system MELAdem® 47

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Reverse osmosis system MELAdem® 47


Due to increasing requirements for hygienic processing of the instruments employed in the practice, a more frequent sterilizing of the instruments might be required. The increasing demand for high-quality demineralized water to operate the autoclaves is made sufficiently and inexpensively available by the MELAdem 47.

Reversal of the physical principle of osmosis – in which pure water from a higher-concentration solution diffuses through a semi-permeable membrane – is an extraordinarily environmentally friendly form of water treatment.


  • Unit outside: Width: 39 cm x Depth: 15 cm x Height: 47 cm
  • Dimensions storage tank: ø 23 cm x Height: 51cm
  • Volume of storage tank: 5 litres
  • Weight of the unit (filled): 6.2 kg
  • Weight of storage tank (empty): 5 kg
  • Possible yield of one filling for 600 µS/cm tap water quality: approx. 1,200 litres
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