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Blender "BagMixer®"



BagMixer®, laboratory blenders, provide mixing and homogenising of samples to analyse in optimal conditions. To enable the best possible match for the nature and size of the sample, BagMixer® are equipped with their unique adjustable paddles.

An essential element for any laboratory that makes analysis, BagMixer® is the most efficient blender available on the market today. It is acclaimed by its users for being silent, robust and easy to clean.

With the BagMixer®, blending is fast, powerful and efficient. You get optimal bacterial extraction, far over any other blender. The adjustable blending strength, thanks to the adjustable paddles, allows an optimal match to the nature and size of your sample.

BagMixer® are made of stainless steel, with an unbreakable window door whose shock-absorbers are lifetime-guaranteed.

BagMixer® come with a 3 years guarantee. They are robust, reliable and efficient over a very long period of time. For all these reasons, BagMixer® is acclaimed in more than 80 countries. Today the BagMixer® 400 is a worldwide best-seller and a reference for blenders.


  1. MiniMix® 100 paddle blenders, from the BagMixer® range, guarantee a quick and accurate blending of small samples. Thanks to the adjustable paddle system, blending is at its best. MiniMix® 100 is ideal for medical, veterinary and microbiological analysis. 
  2. BagMixer® 400 lab blender guarantee a quick and accurate blending of any sample.
    Worldwide best-seller, it is very easy to use, powerful and highly performant. Blending sample is accurate, quick and efficient. Adapted to any kind of application, it is the ideal tool for analysis laboratories.
  3. JumboMix® 3500 paddle blender, from the BagMixer® range, guarantee a quick and accurate blending of small samples. Its robustness and adjustable paddles allow great efficiency for numerous applications
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