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Single-channel microliter pipette, electronic Transferpette®

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Single-channel microliter pipette, electronic Transferpette®


The piston-operated pipette Transferpette® electronic combines the widely recognized features of mechanical pipettes with the advantages of electronic apparatus. It was worldwide the first microliter pipette recognized with the ergonimics approved certificate from the Technical Control Board Rhineland/Berlin-Brandenburg.


  • Capacity, µl: from 0,5 - 10 to 500 - 5000
  • Subdivision, µl: from 0,01 to 5,0


  • Clear, understandable display.
  • Big pipetting button.
  • Ergonomically arranges ejection button with color code for pipette volume and tip size.
  • Individually adjustable finger rest.
  • Slim ergonomic grip.
  • The pipette shaft can be unscrewed and is entirely autoclavable (121 °C).
  • Five convenient programs: pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing, GEL-Electrophoresis and dispensing.
  • Easy Calibration-Technique for making quick adjustments of the Transferpette® electronic, without tools.
  • CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 EG.


  • Transferpette® electronic pipette, conformity certified, supplied with performance certificate, battery, AC adapter, silicone oil.
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